24/7 Client Access

  • Bid Bond Request: Secure online access for the requesting of bid bonds direct to the Surety Department - for established surety clients.
  • Bid Results ReportSecure online access for the reporting of bid results direct to the Surety Department - for established surety clients.
  • Client Portal: Our online secure portal for Commercial Insurance provides you 24/7 access to issue insurance certificates - review and update certificate holders, reprint already issued certificates and print already issued auto ID cards.
  • EasyAppsOnline: This area is for prospective and current benefit clients and their eligible employees to fill out and submit a simple, secure online application for health insurance.
  • MyWave Connect: Your one-stop resource for all of your compliance, HR, wellness and other business needs.
  • Origami Risk : Risk Management clients enter First Reports of Injury or Liability notices.

Claims Advocacy

We are the personal guardians of our clients, protecting you around the clock. Where most agencies hire out to third parties, Thomas McGee has an in-house Claims team with extensive knowledge and experience in the field. As trusted partners we become the liaison between you and your insurance carrier, allowing you to concentrate more on doing business and less on protecting it.

We assist our clients in all aspects of the claims process. We are your total claims resource, staying up-to-date on the latest statutes and regulatory requirements impacting today’s claims.

Our claims professionals:

  • Assist in reporting the claim
  • Answer questions regarding coverage
  • Provide advice on what to expect as the claim moves forward
  • Monitor and review claim activity and reserves
  • Help resolve disputes
  • Take appropriate steps to facilitate a smooth process that protects you and your business

The process doesn’t stop once a claim is closed. We coordinate with our in-house Loss Control team to routinely review claim trends and develop plans to reduce your claims and prevent future loss.