24/7 Client Access

  • Bid Bond Request: Secure online access for the requesting of bid bonds direct to the Surety Department - for established surety clients.
  • Bid Results ReportSecure online access for the reporting of bid results direct to the Surety Department - for established surety clients.
  • Client Portal: Our online secure portal for Commercial Insurance provides you 24/7 access to issue insurance certificates - review and update certificate holders, reprint already issued certificates and print already issued auto ID cards.
  • EasyAppsOnline: This area is for prospective and current benefit clients and their eligible employees to fill out and submit a simple, secure online application for health insurance.
  • MyWave Connect: Your one-stop resource for all of your compliance, HR, wellness and other business needs.
  • Origami Risk : Risk Management clients enter First Reports of Injury or Liability notices.

Loss Control Services

Where most agencies hire out to third parties, Thomas McGee has an in-house Loss Control team with extensive knowledge and experience in the field. We analyze your claims history and work with you to develop and maintain plans to reduce your claims and prevent future losses for your company.

  • Development of Safety & New Employee Orientation Programs – We work with you to develop new programs or evaluate the contents of your current program to ensure OSHA compliance as well as overall effectiveness.
  • Loss Trending and Analysis – We assist in investigating the causation of loss, charting out trends and patterns.
  • Property Valuation Surveys – We come out to your premises to measure, record, and calculate the replacement cost value; ensuring your assets are properly protected.
  • Safety Committee Advisor – We serve as an advisor/resource to your company’s safety committee.
  • Safety Liaison – We serve as a liaison with the insurance carrier to ensure they fulfill the service commitments they promised and you deserve.
  • Safety & Loss Prevention Resource – We are available to answer questions, research concerns, contact OSHA for clarification of a regulation, and assist your company in achieving and maintaining an effective safety program.
  • Site & Premises Surveys – This service may include assisting with OSHA compliance, identifying potential employee injury exposures, liability exposures, and property loss sources at your main premises, equipment yards, or field projects.
  • Training – We can present or facilitate specific training programs at your request.  Examples include:
    • OSHA Construction and General Industry Outreach Training Seminars
    • OSHA Compliance
    • Claims Handling
    • The Business of Safety
    • Developing Highly Functioning Safety Culture