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Thomas McGee Group is a market-leader in Captive Insurance Programs. In fact, we have been in the alternative risk transfer space since the 1980s. We believe that traditional insurance products may not be the only risk financing solution for every organization. You deserve to be with a broker who understands this, and who can explain the potential advantages of Captive Insurance and other alternative risk transfer mechanisms with transparency and objectivity.

In our Commercial Insurance Department, we primarily focus on Member Owned Group Captives. There are a number of advantages to the Group Captive model in comparison to the traditional insurance model, including:

  • Return of premium not used to pay for claims
  • Investment income earnings on premium and capital investment
  • Complete transparency
  • Impervious to market-driven pricing swings
  • Long-term approach
  • Focus on loss control and cost containment

In the traditional insurance market, premiums and rates are determined based on the performance of not only your own claims history, but also your peers’ performance, litigation trends, natural disasters, economic climate, and many other factors that could affect the insurance carrier’s profitability. Organizations with a low claim history are overpaying due to factors that are beyond their control.

Alternatively, a Group Captive insurance program provides a competitive and stable long-term approach, where premiums are based on the individual claim history of your organization. If after joining the captive you pay more premium than you pay out in actual losses, you receive that money back in the form of a distribution. Safeguards are in place to protect Group Captive members from catastrophic losses.

At Thomas McGee Group, we know the captive market and have designed and customized programs for clients across a multitude of industries. Our results speak for themselves, and we’ll gladly share the numbers if you are interested in learning more.

Have you been told you aren’t big enough, or wouldn’t fit well into a captive because of claims history? Ask us about our “Captive Ready Program.” We’ve successfully taken clients who weren’t “ready” and converted them into profitable group captive member participants.

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