Making Our Clients Stronger

We view risk as a strategic opportunity that we can leverage to make our clients stronger, safer, and more profitable.

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Why Thomas McGee

Our call to action is simple: SERVE FIRST. We serve our clients, communities and associates whenever, wherever and however. At Thomas McGee, we SERVE FIRST by putting others before ourselves.

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  1. We Serve Our Clients

    We put ourselves in our clients’ shoes. We seek to be their trusted advisors. We develop deep relationships and serve our clients in extraordinary ways.

  2. We Serve Our Associates

    We are many associates, but we are one Thomas McGee Group. We celebrate, we suffer and we grow together. We are a reflection of one another and seek to represent ourselves with professionalism and humility at all times.

  3. We Serve Our Community

    We strive to be good neighbors, and to contribute to the common good. We use our resources to build relationships and be advocates for the positive progress of our communities.


What We Do

At Thomas McGee Group, it is not our goal to simply sell you a product. We focus on identifying risks that could affect your people or your balance sheet. Then we provide clarity on the customized options for retaining, mitigating or transferring those unique risks that threaten your organization.

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Recent Case Study Reaffirms Age-Old Understanding of Claims Reporting

August 14, 2019

In search of meaningful data, one constant remains- early intervention is key to minimizing costs in Workers’ Compensation.

Latest News

The Best Job I Never Got

April 05, 2019

For those in the construction industry, remember your last bad job? A formal risk management plan can reduce the likelihood of it happening again. Check out the article below by our own Doug Joyce, Managing Partner.